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Tough Optrix Case Turns iPhone Into Sports Camera

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The rugged Optrix case lets you use your iPhone camera whilst surfing, skydiving, or any other foolish activity
Sports action cameras are pretty neat: they’re tough, and they let you shoot video you’d never capture with a regular camera–poolside parties, skydiving and even as a “security” camera to catch bad drivers when you’re out on your bike. But as we all have cellphones with great video cameras already, who wants to buy another one?
Enter the Optrix, a rugged camera case for your iPhone or iPod Touch. The clear plastic case uses silicone gaskets and wire clips to keep out dust and water, and the case itself is shock resistant. The iPhone 4 or iPod Touch get their own specific “sled” into which you load them before sliding the whole lot into the case proper, which then clamps shut. The screen is covered by a membrane which lets you use the phone inside.
The kit includes two bases, one curved and one flat, which mount onto bikes or helmets using 3M adhesive tape. The case then clamps onto the base.
It’s not going to let you go diving, but it will keep your iPhone safe during a cyclocross race or while surfing. And it costs just $90. Not cheap cheap, but pretty good compared to buying an actual ruggedized video camera and a tough case to keep your phone safe while you’re being sporty. And if you do take a dive and crack the case? Optrix will replace case the section for just $20.
Available now.
Optrix HD product page [Optrix. thanks, Pedro!]

Tough Optrix Case Turns iPhone Into Sports Camera


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